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The cost of running your home is becoming more & more expensive every year, but a Photovoltaic System can provide your electricity for free. In addition it will be generating a guaranteed energy supply when other sources are now at the mercy of other countries.

A PV System can provide you with around 50% of your homes electricity requirements – that's half your electricity bill you wont have to pay for, but you will also get paid for everything your system generates (currently 21p per kWh), and while you are out you will be selling your spare electricity back to the grid for an even better return.

How our system works

Photovaltaic House

The Panels.

These absorb the energy from light and turn it in to electricity. A PV panel is made up of layers of wafer thin silicon cells held in an aluminium frame with a reinforced glass cover. The panels can be integrated in to a new roof or placed over existing tiles. Each panel weighs approximately 12.5 kg and comes with a 25 year performance guarantee.

The Inverter

The Inverter takes direct current (DC) from the PV panels and outputs alternating current (AC) electricity to be used by your household appliances. It also offers additional protection for the electrical circuits in your home in the event of a power failure. An easy to understand display shows you how your PV system is performing in real time.

The Isolator

An Isolator is a safety feature used to cut off the electricity during installation and servicing. Each system includes two separate isolators used in DC and AC circuits for maximum protection.

The Meter

Each system includes a meter to measure the amount of electricity produced by the system and allows you to export any excess electricity to the Grid. This allows you to make more money from the power that you don't use and reduce your bills even further

Grid Connection

In order to maximise your systems returns and guarantee the highest feed in tariff rate of 21p, you will need to prove your property has an energy rating of at least a ‘D’. If not, then a much lower rate will be payable. But by using Radley, this is not a problem.

If you do not have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) we will arrange for a survey free of charge.

Thankfully by having a PV system installed, this contributes to your properties energy efficiency and therefore a ‘D’ rating is normally achievable. If for some reason this is not the case then we will discuss with you on ways to further increase your homes efficiency.